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Embers CU Fees
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Fee Schedule
Effective Date: Tuesday, November 30th, 2021
NSF/Overdraft $25.00 each
Stop Payment (All check types) $20.00 each
Outgoing Wire Transfer $20.00 each
International Wire Transfer $40.00 each
Dormant Account $5.00/month
Return Mail/Wrong Address $5.00/month
Courtesy Pay $25.00 each
Debit Card Replacement $5.00 each
Account Research (One hour minimum) $20.00/hour
Visa Gift Card $5.00 each
Visa Travel Card $5.00 each
Visa Travel Reload $2.00 each
Escheat Processing $25.00 each
Garnishment $50.00 each
Membership Closure (Within 6 months of opening) $5.00 per time
Paper Statement $3.00/month
Return Check $3.00 each
Debit Card/Credit Card Dispute $0.00 each
Outgoing Fax $1.00 each
Loose Coin (Non-member) 15% of total
3x5 Safe Deposit Box $15.00 per year
5x5 Safe Deposit Box $20.00 per year
3x10 Safe Deposit Box $30.00 per year
5x10 Safe Deposit Box $40.00 per year
10X10 Safe Deposit $50.00 per year
IRA/HSA Termination $0.00 each
Temporary Checks $0.25/check
Cashier Check $2.00 each
Money Order $1.00 each
Money Order Stop Payment $20.00 each
Draft Copies $2.00 each
Mailed Receipts $1.00 each

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