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Embers CU Power Points
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Embers CU's Power Points


Earn Power Points

Redeem Power Points

1 point for every $1 earned in interest/dividends paid on investment accounts 

.25% on a 1 yr CD = 2,500 points for certificate rate increase
.50% on a 1 yr CD = 5,000 points for certificate rate increase

1 point for every $1 paid in interest on consumer loans

.25% = 2,500 points for a loan decrease
.50% = 5,000 points for a loan rate decrease

100 points for every year of membership


250 points if you refer a friend or family member


250 points for a new account



Power Points Rewards Chart

Rewards Points Needed to Redeem
+0.25% Bump on 6 mnth CD 2,500 per CD
+0.50% Bump on 6 mnth CD 5,000 per CD
+0.25% Bump on 1yr CD 2,500 per CD
+0.50% Bump on 1yr CD 5,000 per CD
+0.25% Bump on 2yr CD 3,000 per CD
+0.50% Bump on 2yr CD 6,000 per CD
+0.25% Bump on 3yr CD 3,500 per CD
+0.50% Bump on 3yr CD 7,000 per CD
 Fee Waivers  
+0.25% Discount 2,500 per Loan
+0.50% Discount 5,000 per Loan
NSF Fee/Overdraft Payment 500 Points
Cashiers Check 100 Points
Money Order 100 Points
Box of Checks 1000 Points
Credit Card Late Fee Waive 500 Points
Reverse Bill Pay Fee 50 Points
Stop Payment 250 Points
Outgoing Wire Fee 500 Points
ATM/Debit Card Replacement 500 Points

As we continue to receive feedback, the program will change and evolve to add value to your membership with Embers CU.  If you have questions on the Power Points Program please call us at (906) 228-7080 or email us. 

Investment accounts include Regular Savings, Money Makers, IRAs and Certificates of Deposit.

Consumer loans include auto loan, boats, motorcycles, RVs, ATVs, Snowmobiles, Savings Secured,Lines of Credit (secured or signature).

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