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Payment Saver
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Payment Saver Program


Key benefits
  • Lower monthly payments - 30-40% lower on average than with conventional financing.
  • No down payment required and no prepayment penalties.
  • Flexible loan terms from 36 to 72 months.
Advantages over leasing
  • You own the vehicle (titled in your name-not leasing company's).
  • You can carry the level of personal vehicle insurance you choose versus the level of coverage stipulated by the leasing company in the lease contract.
  • Lower excess mileage charge than most leasing programs of only $.10 per mile**.
  • Lower disposition fee than most leasing programs of only $195**.
Flexible end of loan term options
  • Refinance remaining balance at loan maturity or anytime during the loan term.
  • Keep, sell or trade the vehicle at loan maturity or anytime during the loan term.
  • Return the vehicle at loan maturity in lieu of making the final balloon payment with no end of loan term hassles.  Vehicle pick-up is arranged, even if you have moved to a different state!!

**Fees apply only if you decide to return the vehicle at loan maturity.

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